Local Riders Club

Star Touring & Riding Association

Chapter 221

We are the Houston, TX Chapter of Houston, TX. Our Chapter is a fully licensed charter of the “Star Touring and Riding Association”. Our Chapter was formed on February 2, 2002 and received its Charter #221 on March 13, 2002.

The Houston, TX Chapter of Star meets at 7:00PM, on the first Thursday of each month at Frank's Grill, 3807 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, TX. Our Chapter rides are on the Sunday following the Chapter Meeting from 305 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena (Texas Yamaha) and on the second to the last Saturday of each month from 1660 FM 528, Webster (Texas Yamaha South). All Chapter rides are fair weather rides. Each ride will be pre-ridden by an authorized Chapter Representative. This entails route planning, gas, meal and destination stops. We are a family organization and all events are structured for family involvement and safety.

We take great pride in our Chapter’s safety record. All rides are structured around safe riding practices and continued rider education.

Charter Rules & Regulations

***Our rules and regulations are enforced for YOUR safety!***

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

All driving laws will be strictly adhered to.

All Chapter members must hold a current membership in the Star Touring & Riding Association. Expired memberships, unbecoming conduct, or a violation of any Charter agreement is cause for removal from the Chapter.

Star Touring & Riding is a FAMILY organization. Your significant other and children (up to 4 children/grandchildren) may also join at no additional cost to you.